Cucinare 13" Splatter Screen Guard with Double Thick Mesh for Covering Pots and Frying Pans while Cooking, Stainless Steel with Finest Woven Mesh and Resting Feet Plus Silicone Holder for Frying Pans


Manufacturer Description

We love you, your face, your body, and your skin.

And that's why we worry when you take unnecessary risks like - working on an opened pan with boiling bacon grease splattering out. It can burn your skin leaving long-lasting spots behind, we know... We have been there.

Well, no more worries. Now, we've got the Cucinare 13" Double Thick Mesh Splatter Screento protect you. It offers the nice view of your dish without exposing you to the danger. It absorbs and traps unwanted cooking Splatter while keeps your stove and counters splatter-free. Let's see how it works:

One size fits all:The huge 13" splatter screen fits and covers almost every pot, you do not need different screens for the smaller ones.

Sturdy and Comfortable Design:Made of stainless steel; the unique design holds the doubly thick mesh strongly between the frames while the long ergonomic handle lets you control its movement the ease, i.e. it's durable enough to tolerate whatever you may expect.

Easy to Clean:Dish washer friendly. Fits nicely in standard dishwashers or easily hand wash and let dry.

Freebie - Silicon Pot Holder:We provide a free pot holder for free with the device. Now, you can easily hold the pots and cook with safety.

Oh, you're still here!

I know: you don't care, but don't rush thorough this listing and put yourself in the danger.

Click that 'Add to Cart' button now, and adapt the safe cooking.

Stay Safe My Friend, Keep Smiling, and Enjoy Shopping.

Product Features

NO SPLATTERS, SAFE AND UNMESSY COOKING - This incredible splatter guard provides solution to a fundamental kitchen problem - prevents hot oil from spitting out of a pan and burning your skin or causing stains and stickiness on the burner tops, neighboring walls or other surfaces. UNIVERSAL SIZE, STURDY AND DURABLE -Our Grease splatter screen with a 13 inch mesh diameter, allowing it to be used on a wide variety of utensils. The high quality stainless steel provides it durability and reinforcement ensures that it is sturdy enough to not bend ever. MULTI PURPOSE KITCHEN COMPANION - Be it preventing splatters or steaming vegetables - this splatter guard can help you a lot. Just keep your vegetables on top of it to steam them or use it as a fine mesh strainer to wash vegetables. Not enough? You know what, you can use it even as a cooling rack for cooling muffins, cakes, etc. THE BEST DEAL EVER FOR A SPLATTER GUARD - The splatter guard comes with a Free Bonus Gift of Silicone Pot Holder to keep your hands safe from burns while cooking. NOTE: The silicone pot holder is not meant to be used with the splatter screen (it will not fit tightly on the splatter screen handle). It is compatible with most frying pans. Moreover, we offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence. So, why think twice? ORDER NOW and ensure Safe and Clean Cooking. SMART DESIGN - The double thick finely woven mesh ensures that no splatters come out of pan. The splatter guard is provided with resting feet to prevent the greasy screen from touching the surface of your countertops. It also has a long handle that allows you to hold it from a safer distance thus preventing any direct contact with the hot objects

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