Akoni Homeware Six-piece BPA Free Ice Pop Maker with Silicone Popsicle Molds, Loading Funnel and Recipe eBook

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Manufacturer Description

Akoni Homeware brings you the ultimate popsicle molds set for simple, nutritious family fun.

There's nothing better than a refreshing popsicle. Why not take the healthy choice and make your own? This set puts all the tools you need to make delicious, frozen treats in your hands.

What you put in your popsicles is only limited by your imagination. Maybe you'd rather act your shoe-size than your age? We've heard from a "friend" that adding a dash of alcohol to the mix can get the party started with adult popsicles. Just remember: children and alcohol do not mix.

This set is so easy to use a child could do it (which is exactly what we recommend). Get the kids involved in making their own fruit, yoghurt and sorbet ice pops and popsicles and make healthy eating fun.

In the west, children often have over half their daily sugar allowance before they even make it to school. Sugar and obesity go hand-in-hand and The World Health Organisation (WHO) describes obesity as a global epidemic (or "globesity").

Obesity can have all sorts of thoroughly undesirable side-effects. Cardiovascular disease anyone? Didn't think so. And who likes cancer? Not you! This set is the fun, creative way to declare war on sugar.

This set is fun, durable, simple and a dietitian's dream. You're smart enough to recognise a bargain when you see one, so do the sensible thing: hit ADD TO CART now.

Product Features

WHOLESOME FAMILY FUN - Who doesn't like to cool down on a hot day with a delicious, refreshing popsicle? Nobody, that's who! The Akoni Homeware ULTIMATE mold set has you covered. Embrace nutritious, natural frozen yoghurt, sorbets and pureed fruit. Comes with 6 non-sticky popsicle stick molds in a neat stand, two silicone popsicle molds and a FREE collapsible funnel. Get creative and welcome healthy, fun-filled, popsicle parties into the family. HAPPY, HEALTHY SMILING FACES - Mass-produced lollies are jammed with refined sugar. We'd hate to lecture you, but heck, we will anyway because it's important. Processed sugars increase the risk of cancers, heart and liver disease and diabetes. Not to mention the old classics like obesity and tooth decay. Sugar from fruit does the opposite. So get some wholesome goodness down your family's throats with healthy homemade popsicles. SAVE TIME AND HASSLE - Using this set is as easy as taking candy from a baby (and replacing it with something healthy). The non-sticky molds are cleverly designed to stand upright in their base. Holes in the sticks make pulling the lollies from the molds a breeze. But don't let the stylish good looks deceive you, it's tough as old boots too. Heavy-handed kids are no match, kitchen rough and tumble is like water off a duck's back. It's 100% BPA-free and couldn't be happier in your dishwasher. NO MESS, NO STRESS - Are you a fan of mess strewn all over the kitchen surfaces? How about stained carpets? Didn't think so - you're not an animal. The FREE collapsible loading funnel gets everything in the freezer, not on the floor. Save wasting single-use wooden sticks: reuse these again and again. The sticks are fixed in the centre of the popsicle and built-in drip trays prevent sticky, stained clothes and leaks on the floor. ZERO RISK - Of course, there are cheaper, lower quality alternatives available. But buying anything from Akoni Homeware is a risk-free experience. We're so confident you'll be satisfied, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not pleased as punch with your purchase, just send it back for a full refund (no annoying, nosey questions asked).

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